Growing up in the American South where being a good storyteller is more important than vocation or social standing, Gabe has had a front row seat with raconteurs, truth stretchers, & flat out liars - every bit in the name of a good story. So one wouldn’t be wrong if you said this line of work came by honestly for him.

Gabe has created a diverse body of work including indie films, documentary, short films, and branded content. Notably, his work on the feature length films’ Greater, Lazy Eye and the upcoming Black Spartans that highlight the range of cinematic language used to craft these distinct stories - A theme that spans across the board with his work.

Behind the camera on documentaries, Gabe has found himself teaming up with the likes of renowned directors such as Lauren Greenfield on The Kingmaker Adam McKay’s The Invisible Pilot, & of Eric Goode (Tiger King) on several of Goode’s forthcoming projects. He also has a docu-series in development with Peacock set to shoot later this year.

Gabe brings a collaborative spirit, enthusiasm, innovative technique and a taste in music better than most to each project.

Gabe and his wife Kathryn currently live in Ojai California, raising two children. We are thinking about getting a peacock….